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Welcome to Thumbs Up Africa!

Christiaan, Neda and Sierd have returned from their 24 000 km hitchhike journey from the Netherlands to Cape Town, South Africa. Crossing eighteen countries in 100 days in search of the answer to the question: Where do we stand in reaching a sustainable future?
In quest of hitches, they made new friends, stayed at people's houses and participated in development projects. Meanwhile, they shared every step they made with you online! Check out the route they took, the projects they visited, watch the Thumbs Up Africa webisodes of each country they passed, enjoy the full story movie of their journey and find out more about this adventure here!

The hitchhikers

Christiaan Neda Sierd

Thumbs Up Africa: The Full Story

The journey Christiaan, Neda and Sierd made across Africa, was captured by a crew of professional filmmakers. The footage shot during their journey was presented on the big screen at ForumImages, Groningen. The hitchhikers got on stage as well, to share the stories they encountered during the journey, and to answer questions from the audience. See the full story of their journey here. Thumbs Up Africa: The full story is a compilation of the webisodes shot in each country. Expect an adventurous journey, from wounded Syrian rebels at the border with Turkey, to rangers fighting rhino poachers in the nature reserves of Zimbabwe. Come venture into Africa with us in this journey-of-a-lifetime!

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