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Name:Sierd van der Bij
City:Leeuwarden, the Netherlands
School:Dutch Language Bachelor of Education
Work:Freelance journalist
Music:Digs through Spotify while playing old records
Passions:Traveling, writing, joie de vivre - I find this joie through living it
Character:Humorous, down to earth, realistic
Biggest fear:To step on some scary creature
Blog:Read Sierd's blog

Who am I?
I travel because I want to, I write because I have to, and I take care of people around me as I should do. I’m a down to earth guy who dares to dream. I am a lazy student, but I am a passionate worker. I keep things together. I look at the bigger picture while laying a finger on the details. I’m good at the things I do and sleeping is my favourite sport. But you can easily wake me up for the thrills of life; a festival, a road trip, some hitchhiking and some discovery. Discovery is what thrives me, in many ways.
Your perfect Thumbs Up Africa day?
Every single day will be perfect, even if that day sheds us tears.
A sustainable future for Sierd:
People should start behaving as children of the universe. Use, don’t abuse, and give back.
What do I contribute to the group?
Joy, humour, realism and I bring cigarettes.

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