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One Somalian, hundreds of safe toilets


Project: Revolving fund & micro-credit for latrines
Location: Dodoma | Tanzania
Date: Wednesday 5 December 2012
Partners: UFUNDIKO, supported by Simavi

What did the hitchhikers do?
Safe water and sanitation are basics for life, we can agree on that. But who is going to provide the money to realize this basic need for everyone? That question is successfully tackled on the local level by UFUNDIKO, a small organization in the middle of Tanzania. UFUNDIKO, under coordination of its innovative Somalian founder Mussa, has built up a growing revolving fund system that enabled hundreds of households to invest in safe and improved latrines using locally available materials and knowledge.
The revolving fund of 15.000 euro was shared by ten villages. The initial target of the project was to set up at least 500 household latrines. After two and a half years almost 800 latrines had been built and over a thousand latrines are currently under construction. The Tanzanian government provided for the initial construction materials to improve 50 latrines per village, via the village health committees. Households applied to the village health committees for assistance and signed a contract to repay the full costs of the materials received (around 30 euros) in two installments over a maximum period of two years. Through this system that is adjusted to the capacities and assets available to the households involved, these communities have been able to realize their own development.

Who are the partners involved?
Simavi is "a public health organization that believes everyone has a right to good health. This is why we work on people's health in the poorest regions of developing countries. We focus specifically on the health of mothers, as they are the key to their family's health. Together with them we provide for safe drinking water, sufficient hygiene, healthy pregnancies and improved children’s health. We also provide mothers with the knowledge they need to prevent diseases. Together with local organisations we offer direct and practical support. And we fight for the interests of people. This works - and has done for more than 85 years".

What were the hitchhikers experiences? Can we see some photos, footage or blogs?
Watch episode 13 to watch the hitchhikers build latrines!

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