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Project: Women's rights champions
Location: Cairo | Egypt
Date: Saturday 13 October 2012 & Sunday 14 October 2012
Partners: MasterPeace | New Women Foundation

What did the hitchhikers do?
Cairo is home to many important feminist activists. The hitchhikers met up with Raghda El-Halawany, awardwinning journalist and women’s rights activist currently active at the head office of MasterPeace. They discussed with her what issues women are dealing with in Egypt and what needs to be done in her view to establish change: everybody needs to get involved! The internationally known human rights and feminist activist Dr. Amal Hadi was willing to share her thoughts and vision with regard to the situation of women’s rights in Egypt during one of our multicasts. Dr. Amal Hadi is founder of the New Woman Foundation, one of the few initiatives in Egypt that break the silence around violence against women.

Who are the partners involved?
MasterPeace is an international bottom-up peace initiative with the major goal to involve people in peace building. Its goal is to mobilize millions of people - amongst the international civil society - to do work for the sake of peace in the broadest sense, including (social) sustainability, the reduction of (armed) conflicts (on both private and global levels) and international collaboration. MasterPeace will develop several attractive peace building projects, global and local, including a mesmerizing concert in Cairo on the International Day of Peace in 2014, where artists from the worlds focus areas will perform to encourage dialogue and promote togetherness. The concert will be an exclusive reward for people who actively supported peace building activities in the years before the International Day of Peace in 2014. They invite you too to become involved and earn your tickets now!

New Woman Foundation (NWF) is an Egyptian feminist non-governmental organization, supported by among others Oxfam Novib. NWF believes in women’s unconditional right to freedom equality and social justice and consider women’s social, political, economic, citizenship and reproductive rights as an integral part of human rights. Therefore, the struggle for women cannot be separated from the wider struggle for democracy and social justice: it also is a struggle against all forms of discrimination based on gender, class, race, ethnicity, or religion and against all forms of oppressive power relationships at the local, national, regional or global levels.

What were the hichhikers experience? Can we see some pictures, footage or blogs?
The hitchhikers did not share their experiences in a video, but in a multicast. See below to find some footage of their discussion on women's rights and of course the revolution in Egypt!

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