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Project: Filming for development
Location: Arusha | Tanzania
Date: Friday 30 November 2012
Partners: Kilimanjaro Film Institute, supported by United Broadcast Facilities | IDTV | Utrecht School of the Arts | Mambapoint/NCRV | Butterfly Works

What did the hitchhikers do?
Kilimanjaro Film Institute (KFI) is an audiovisual training institute based in Arusha, where Tanzanian youth from a poor background are educated to become film and television programs makers. Kilimanjaro Film Institute trains these youth all the aspects of filmmaking, editing, sound design for audiovisual products, creative storytelling, life skills, film- and television production and television journalism. With the support of KFI, underprivileged youth have a chance to study, work and earn. This offers them a voice that in society. The training offers them access to 21st century means of production and provides them entry to the world of educational, technological and economic opportunities. Every year, KFI provides a new generation of film- and television makers who can share and promote Tanzanian culture worldwide.

Who are the partners involved?
UBF: United Broadcast Facilities is the biggest facilitator of audiovisual productions in the Netherlands. UBF is supporting Kilimanjaro Film Institute as part of a corporate social responsibility programme. They have donated training and equipment to the Institute. Twice a year United gives its employees the chance to share their knowledge with youth in Tanzania. These experts has the chance to empower our motivated youth the talent but not the means to explore it.
IDTV: As the second-largest independent production company in the Netherlands, IDTV is at the forefront of developing and producing (sponsored and non-sponsored) TV programs, films, documentaries, special events, websites and promotional campaigns.
Utrecht School of the Arts: The Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (HKU) offers preparatory courses, bachelor and master’s programs and research degrees in fine art, design, music, theatre, media, games and interaction and arts management. It is one of the largest art and culture-oriented institutes in Europe. Twice a year four HKU students stay at KFI for three months in a row and share their knowledge, experience and passion with KFI staff and students.
Mambapoint/NCRV: Mambapoint is a Dutch cross media platform for small and large development projects. It is owned and ran by the Dutch channel NCRV. It airs videos on projects in developing countries initiated and/or run by Dutch citizens. Film makers from Mambapoint have trained KFI students. KFI-students are now the first foreign correspondents of Mambapoint.
Butterfly Works: Butterfly Works is a do-tank which combines design with finding sustainable answers to international social issues. Among their impressive portfolio is NairoBits, a digital Design School in Nairobi, Kenya. Nairobits trains disadvantaged youth in computer skills and web design. It also trains them in life-skills and entrepreneurship. NairoBits partners with KFI in various ways including life-skill training and management. The concept of the film institute (KFI) is quite similar to NairoBits.

What were the hitchhikers experiences? Can we see some photos, footage or blogs?
Pictures of the visit to the KFI will be online soon!

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