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Hiphop & the city


Project: Afrikan Hiphop Caravan & youth in action
Location: Cape Town | South Africa
Date: 6 January 2013
Partners: Soundz of the South & Inyanda Youth Network, supported by Cordaid Urban Matters

What did the hitchhikers do?
Cape Town, the place where Thumbs Up Africa finishes, is the starting point of the Afrikan Hiphop Caravan, a caravan that crosses Africa from South to North to show how music and art creates transformation. The caravan will visit six cities to 'celebrate inspirational radical underground hiphop culture' and thereby raise a creative alternative voice to the analysis of outsiders of how to 'fix' Africa. Neda, Sierd, and Christiaan met with Soundz of the South, the South African hiphop youth network that co-organizes the Caravan, and experienced how they try to make a difference through the radical stand of underground hiphop. Another youth network in Cape Town that tries to make the voice of youth heard through music, arts, and culture is the Inyanda Youth Network from the Philippi township. With the support of Cordaid Urban Matters they use a new way of more sustainable and accountable funding by private investors to create durable opportunities for the large group of (often overlooked) youth in their neighborhood.

Who are the partners involved?
Soundz of the South (SOS) is an "anti-capitalist cultural resistance movement working with activists, who use hip-hop and poetry to spread revolutionary messages, raise consciousness and critique neo-liberalism. The aim of the network is to facilitate and encourage a process of self-organization against neoliberalism, end all forms of oppression within communities as part of the broader struggle to emancipate us all". Cordaid Urban Matters is the branch of Cordaid that aims to improving the living conditions of residents of urban slums, by working on three levels: improving infrastructure, reinforcing social cohesion and stimulating the local economy. Cordaid Urban Matters brings together a network of parties from North and South to work out an area development plan. At the local level, these are authorities (both political decision-makers and municipal urban planners), slum residents (united in resident organizations and groups for young people and women), NGOs with hands-on local experience and added value in the field of Urban Neighbourhood Development, and the local private sector (entrepreneurs, investors and contractors).

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