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Every once in a while, Christiaan, Neda and Sierd took the time to answer your questions live. You could meet them online on webcam to see how they were doing, and to hear more about their latest experiences during Thumbs Up Africa. In every session, new people they met along the way participated. These people were aid workers, activists, women’s groups, artists, refugees, emerging leaders, and others. There will no be upcoming multicast any more, but videos from the past multicasts will be posted online soon.

These live interactions are organized in collaboration with A GEM OF AN IDEA (www.agemofanidea.com). Thumbs Up and GEM join forces to ignite real time global dialogues using this innovative online platform.

See below to find footage of the live discussion on the multicast on women's rights and the revolution in Egypt with Raghda from MasterPeace, Cairo.

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