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Name:Neda Boin
City:Rotterdam, the Netherlands
School:Conservatory Bachelor of Music
Work:Vocal performer and vocal coach
Passions:Music and development projects: ideally combining these two!
Music:All music that touches the heart, from Stevie Wonder to Eminem
Character:Spiritual, caring, creative, optimistic, stubborn
Biggest fear:Making the troubles of the world my own and carrying the whole earth on my shoulders. To get eaten by a giant spider.
Blog:Read Neda's blog
Who am I?
I am a spiritual being, having a human experience.
Your perfect Thumbs Up Africa day?
After a moment of meditation, having all kinds of small, but very meaningful and maybe even life-changing encounters with the people we meet on the way. Getting to know the different cultures and everything about it, the language, the food, the music and dancing. To sing with all my heart and feel that I touched someone else's. Seeing the wildlife of Africa. Laughing so hard that you'd pee a little in your pants.
A sustainable future for Neda:
A world where everybody treats everyone and everything the way they want to be treated themselves: with love and respect.
What will you miss most during the trip?
Sitting on a clean toilet, eating cheese and probably just being alone for a little, curled up on the couch with a good book, cup of herbal tea and my cat Mufasa lying next to me. But I will miss my boyfriend the most!

Watch a video of Neda, where she sings with her band 'Music behind Bars'!

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