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Open Studio Open Studio is a training institute with a focus on Video and Digital media. It also sells and lends a rich assortiment of articles within this area. Open Studio supports the Thumbs Up Africa team by lending out some of its finest camera equipment!

» www.openstudio.nl
Tracks4Africa Tracks4Africa creates GPS and paper maps for overland travellers in Africa. Their GPS maps will navigate you from Cape to Cairo and everywhere in between. All data is collected from a community of travellers and constantly updated to keep the maps relevant and accurate.

» tracks4africa.co.za
ACER ACER (The Australian Council for Educational Research) is one of the world’s leading educational research centres, committed to creating and distributing research-based knowledge, products and services to improve learning across the lifespan in both formal and informal settings. ACER is a not-for-profit organisation established in 1930 that now has more than 300 staff based throughout Australia and overseas. ACER Press publishes high-quality, evidence-based resources for use by professionals working in education, psychology, human resources and related areas. ACER Press publishes books, assessment instruments, kits and periodicals.

» www.acer.edu.au
Lefier Lefier is a company with ambition specialized in real estate, based in the North of Holland in the cities Groningen, Emmen and Hoogezand. Every day, they are committed to create nice and solid houses and neighborhoods. Aiming for inspirational environments to those who live there.

» www.lefier.nl
VrieService VrieService is specialized in delivering solutions in telecommunications via de satellite. Solutions that make communication possible from anywhere in the world via phone, internet or fax. With the satellite communication of VrieService, the Thumbs Up Team can ensure contact whereever en whenever needed between individual teammembers as well as between the Thumbs Up Team and Head Quarters.

» www.vrieservice.nl
Yellowbrick Tracking Yellowbrick Tracking is the World’s largest satellite-based tracking provider and is a trusted partner to the biggest remote location races on the planet.The Yellowbrick Tracker is a robust and fully self-contained battery operated tracker which works anywhere on Earth. So how does it work? The tracker will “wake up” (e.g. every 15 minutes), obtain a position using the GPS satellite network, and then transmit that position back to Yellowbrick HQ using the Iridium satellite network in seconds. The message is relayed to us from Iridium, and then we visualize the positions on an easy-to-use web-based viewer.

» www.yellowbrick-tracking.com
GeredGereedschap The Gered Gereedschap Foundation is a voluntary organization that collects and refurbishes tools in aid of technical education and small scale enterprise in Africa, Asia and Latin America. With 300 collecting points and 30 workshops Gered Gereedschap annually supports around 100 schools and training programs with quality equipment and tools. Tools that enable young people to learn a technical trade and earn an independent income.

» www.geredgereedschap.nl
RCG The power of digital artwork. At RCG they combine print with new media in a smart and efficient way whereby your message gets an added value and more relevance. Since 1985, RCG has been the number one address in Groningen for printed matters and printed fabrics. RCG has two branches: RCG grafimedia and RCG copyshop. RCG provides Thumbs Up Africa with promotion material as T-shirts, stickers, posters and flyers.

» www.rcg.nl
Led's do it Now In 2010, a company called "Led's do it Now" was founded in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. It is a specialized selling point of led light bulbs, with a focus on the retrofit led light bulbs. Owner Rick van Viersen, who believes in a more sustainable future, says that the time for led light bulbs has arrived now. Rick is also a seller of the Waka Waka lights.

» www.ledsdoitnow.nl
Sisa Shipping Lines The company Sisa Shipping Lines has a new luxurious ferry that transports people from Turkey (Iskenderun) to Egypt (Port Said). Sisa shipping sponsored the passage of the Thumbs Up Africa Support Crew and hitchhikers from the European continent to the African continent!

» www.sisashipping.com
Van der Dong Haren Van der Dong Autoservice Haren is a Universal Bovag car company that is specialized in MOT (Ministry of Transport) tests (APK in Dutch), maintenance work and regular repairs to all sorts of car brands. Van der Dong Autoservice Haren prepped and equiped the car of the Support Crew for Thumbs Up Africa.

» www.vanderdongharen.nl
Oom Verzekeringen OOM Verzekeringen was established in 1940, it's goal being to insurance customers for the effects and damages of war. These activities have changed over the years. Their core activity nowadays are hazard- and fire insurances, insurances for foreigners coming to the Netherlands, and insurances for Dutch people that are travelling abroad. OOM Verzekeringen covered the travel insurances of the hitchhikers and the Support Crew.

» www.oomverzekeringen.nl
Adventure Food Adventure Food was founded by Hans van der Meulen. Being an experienced adventurer (first Dutch person on the Mount Everest without using supplemental oxygen ever) himself, he saw that there was a product missing on the adventurous expeditions market. He started to compose meals that people could simply take along on their trips. Meals that had nutritional value, that were tasty and that were comfortable in use. Adventure Food has provided the Support Crew with several of it's tasty products.

» www.adventurefood.com
Rail Wave RailWave, an official Motorola Solutions partner, has developed a customized communication solution for Rail Operators in Emerging Countries. This communication system enables rail operators across the African continent to communicate more effective, more efficient and safer. RailWave supports the Thumbs Up Africa team via their innovative, reliable and luxurious walkie-talkies.

» www.railwave.net
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