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Hivos A fair, free and sustainable world – that is what Hivos, the Humanist Institute for Development Cooperation, wants to contribute to. Together with local organisations in developing countries, Hivos strives for a world in which all citizens – both men and women – have equal access to resources and opportunities for development. The Thumbs Up Africa team visited several projects of Hivos in Ethiopia.

» www.hivos.nl
Knalblauw Knalblauw is a small creative company located in Zuid-Holland, the Netherlands.
We deliver a range of high quality creative design and (technical) consultancy for websites, software applications, promotional material and corporate identity. For Thumbs Up Africa, we created this website and various other (online) media. Furthermore, we provided the board with feedback and support throughout the project.

» www.knalblauw.nl
Spektor Spektor Storytelling is founded by Joris Hoebe and Tim Murck. They are specialized in the development, production and distribution of stories on all possible platforms. Via television, internet, film, social media, live-events, mobile, apps, print and games they produce high-quality, rich and social relevant stories in which they offer full interaction with the audience.

» www.spektor.nl
Earth Charter "The Earth Charter Initiative" is an extraordinarily diverse, global network of people, organizations, and institutions that participate in promoting and implementing the values and principles of the Earth Charter.

» www.earthcharterinaction.org
PifworldPifworld.com is a crowd-sourcing platform that brings people, charities, and companies together. We need to bundle forces to realize a better world and internet enables us all to take part. On Pifworld.com people can donate, fundraise, blog, share their knowledge, you name it. With a positive, innovative, and dynamic approach, Pifworld enables you to follow Thumbs Up Africa live and take action today!

» www.pifworld.com
Africa In Motion Africa In Motion (AIM) is a lobby and action group that, in cooperation with Oikos and Kerk in Actie, strives to put economic independence of Africa on the international agenda as the way to structurally tackle poverty.

» www.africainmotion.nl
A Gem of an Idea A Gem of an Idea" is a division of Heart in Action Enterprises, a goodwill new media social enterprise. GEM aims to empower and inspire people to share knowledge and creative ideas through its online multimedia platforms. With the opportunities provided by the most current communication and education technology, GEM strives to include youth worldwide to ignite social innovation and sustainable change.

» www.agemofanidea.com
MasterPeace MasterPeace is an international bottom-up peace initiative with the major goal to involve people in peace building. We want to mobilize millions of people - amongst the international civil society - to do work for the sake of peace in the broadest sense, including (social) sustainability, the reduction of (armed) conflicts (on both private and global levels) and international collaboration. MasterPeace will develop several attractive peace building projects, global and local, including a mesmerizing concert in Cairo on the International Day of Peace in 2014, where artists from the worlds focus areas will perform to encourage dialogue and promote togetherness. The concert will be an exclusive reward for people who actively supported peace building activities in the years before the International Day of Peace in 2014.

» www.masterpeace.org
ncdo NCDO (National Committee for International Development) is a Dutch expertise and advisory center for citizenship and international cooperation. NCDO promotes public awareness of international cooperation and the importance of active Dutch involvement in this area. NCDO carries out research, provides information and advice, stimulates public debate and is actively involved in the field of training and education. During the implementation of these activities, NCDO cooperates with government, political and social organizations, the business community and the research sector.

» www.ncdo.nl
NJR NJR (National Youth Council) is the umbrella organization for all youth organizations in the Netherlands. NJR furthermore advises public authorities and other institutions on youth policy. Sustainability is a key element of NJR. ‘Jong & Duurzaam’ (Young & Sustainable) is a working group of NJR that is working towards the realization of a sustainable society. It organizes and implements sustainability projects within a variety of sectors (e.g. education, awareness raising, international politics, dialogue, innovation) which is all done by and for youth.

» www.njr.nl
RNW Radio Netherlands Worldwide provides news, background and cultural information to millions of people throughout the world via radio, television and the internet. Radio Netherlands Worldwide is one of the top five international broadcasters alongside the BBC, Voice of America, Radio France Internationale and Deutsche Welle. Radio Netherlands Worldwide ensures that people across the globe have access to objective information, news and background stories in ten different languages. They do this via shortwave, satellite, internet and thousands of partner organizations. Radio Netherlands Worldwide has an outreach of five million people in Africa.

» www.rnw.nl/africa
Noordbaak NoordBaak (a composition of "North" and the Dutch word for "Beacon and Guidance") is the name of the former Centre for International Development (COS) located in Groningen - The Netherlands. It supports Dutch companies, governmental and educational institutions towards sustainable development. We believe that active local participation is the route to global citizenship. NoordBaak has a large network of companies and governmental organizations with an explicit CSR agenda interested in engaging companies from developing countries.

» www.noordbaak.nl
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