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Thumbs Up ESN

ESN Committee YTU

From left to right: Maria José, Pei-Yu, Alaa, Natalia and Nynke

Meet ESN’s newest committee organizing hitchhike trips: Thumbs up ESN!
Every semester this committee will be organizing two hitchhike trips. The ESN Committee wants to raise awareness on the sustainability of our society and to connect young people across borders. Therefore, besides the visits to interesting places, participants will also visit a social or environmental project at the hitchhike destination. To stay informed about the hitchhike destinations and the trips themselves, keep on checking the ESN Groningen Facebook page.
We hope you all will join to make these trips unforgettable!

From 22-24 February, 50 international students hitchhiked from Groningen to Duesseldorf. Here's the result.

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