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The hitchhikers of Thumbs Up Africa safely arrived in Cape Town. They set out to hitchhike 15.000 kilometers from the Netherlands to South Africa, it ended up to be over 24.000 kilometers – more than half of the circumference of the earth! 24.000 kilometers of amazing, inspiring, and at times surprising footage that was shot by professional filmmakers…we can’t allow that to not be shared with you!

Donate now to help fund the Thumbs Up Africa documentary. Find more information on www.cinecrowd.nl.

About the goal: € 10112

Our goal was to raise the symbolic amount of of 10,112 Euros. 10.1.12 stands for the tenth month (10), on the first day (1) in the year of 2012 ('12). This is the day, on which Thumbs Up Africa was launched. This was the day that Christiaan, Neda and Sierd embarked on the unprecedented adventure of a lifetime – in search for answers in Africa on what sustainability means in practice, the impact in the day-to-day lives of people, and experiencing where we stand in reaching a sustainable society.

With the revenues from the crowdfunding, the amount of money that was raised by the ticket sale on the Wings for Earth Charter event, and with some private donations, we are glad to say that we raised 80% of our crowdfunding goal! Thank you all for all your donations and support! If you would still like to contribute to Thumbs Up Africa, this is still possible. Choose your donation below, receive your reward, and help us get the latest 20% of our goal!

Download the program of the Wings for Earth Charter day here.

Choose a reward and make your donation!

Great that you’re interested in donating to Thumbs Up Africa! As the Thumbs Up Foundation, we want your donation to not go unnoticed but to give you something in return for your donation as a token of our gratitude! You can make your choice out of the rewards that are described below. Each reward corresponds to a different donation amount. Ready to donate and receive your reward? You can make your donation and receive the reward of your choice by clicking on the title, picture, or 'donate now' button of the reward of your choice below.

€5 - Theme Song Thumbs Up Africa

Reward 1

You will receive the theme song of the Thumbs Up Africa journey 'Gonna make a change', sung by Neda - our female hitchhiker, in mp3 format.
Listen to a part of the theme song here!

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€25 - Video Tutorial
'How do I hitchhike through Africa?'

Reward 3

After one month of traveling, Christiaan, Neda and Sierd will have the answer to this question. Inspired to embark on your own journey-of-a-lifetime? Receive this exclusive footage and see their funny tips and tricks on how to hitchhike with people from all ages and backgrounds, and across the most diverse terrains imaginable. Across the savanna, through big cities, isolated plains, over sand and lava stone roads or open tarmac highways – all shot in Africa.

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€[?] - You Choose

Last Reward

Rather like to donate an amount that is not covered in the options above? Make up your own amount and we will match it with a fitting reward.

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