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On a regular basis, we are looking for energetic and dedicated young professionals to join our team, both interns and volunteers, within each of its different work areas. In general, we are looking for persons who are:
- Enthusiast, dedicated, have an entrepreneurial spirit and a "can-do" attitude;
- Able to multi-task, work independently and in a fast-paced environment,
- Showing initiative in designing and implementing new ideas;
- Creative and have the ability to think outside the box;
- Communicative and collaborative;
- Endording and willing to promote the vision and mission of the Thumbs Up Foundation.

The intern will be working at Head Quarters in Groningen, the Netherlands. Interested? Please send your resume and letter of motivation to info@thumbsupafrica.org.

Your Thumbs Up Affiliates

Your Thumbs Up (YTU) affiliates of the Thumbs Up Foundation organize region-bound projects while using the brand of Thumbs Up. With each cross-continent mediaproject organized by the Thumbs Up Foundation, local YTU affiliates are launched all over the globe. YTU affiliates will have the autonomy and creativity to design their own projects, these include, but are not constraint to, hitchhike games, project visits, local/regional awareness raising campaigns, local/regional advocacy, and fundraising projects. All with the goal to raise awareness of sustainable development among young people in a young, dynamic, interactive and adventurous way. The Thumbs Up Foundation acts as a YTU affiliates coordinator. Although each YTU affiliate operates autonomously and is lead by an own board, the YTU affiliates work as representatives of the Thumbs Up Foundation and hence have to adhere to the Your Thumbs Up framework. Together, YTU affiliates across the globe have the opportunity to gradually create worldwide involvement in the Thumbs Up movement. With each successive cross-continent media project organized by the Thumbs Up Foundation, they create worldwide promotion, outreach, ownership and sustainability for the Thumbs Up movement. Check out below for YTU vacancies, find out where the closest YTU affiliate is near you and get involved! No YTU affiliate near you to be found? Wait for the Thumbs Up Foundation to pass through with a cross-continent media project, or send an email to info@thumbsupafrica.org to inquire about the possibilities.

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