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Name:Christiaan Triebert
City:Groningen, the Netherlands
School:Student International Relations and International Organizations
Passions:Traveling, Photography, Writing, Philosophy
Music:Techno makes me dance, classical music makes me float away in my thoughts
Character:Curious, adventurous, critical
Biggest fear:Losing my ideals
Blog:Read Christiaan's blog

Who am I?
A 21-year old enthusiastic student with a passion for life, but one that philosophizes much. Curious towards other people’s passions.
Your perfect Thumbs Up Africa day?
Every day is perfect. All day hitchhiking? Perfect. No ride in a day? Perfect as well. Why? It is a journey. Or, as the French 19th century poet Theophile Gautier put it: “The pleasure in traveling consists of the obstacles, the fatigue, and even the danger.” Let’s  go!
A sustainable future for Christiaan:
Living in harmony with nature, whereby the individual is aware of the impact of his or her decisions on the community of life.
What would you never do on the trip?
Saying that I would never do something.

Watch Christiaan's application video!

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