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Sustainable Development

Sustainable futureSustainable development has many different forms. It can relate to both nature and human society. However, the main idea of sustainable development is to maintain our planet for future generations. In order to achieve this, everyone of us will need to be aware of the effects our daily lives have on our future generations and start to take action now to work towards a more sustainable future. The Earth Charter Initiative has developed a declaration of fundamental ethical principles for building a just, sustainable, and peaceful global society in the 21st century.

Ecological Footprint

Sustainable futureAll our actions put a demand on nature to invest some of its resources into us. We use water for most of our activities, we put a high demand on our primary resources during our daily consumptions and due to the high demand for consumption, nature has to pay a high price. But how much do we actually demand from the Earth with our daily actions? Find this out for yourself by calculating your own Ecological Footprint.

Ecological Handprint

Sustainable futureWhere your Ecological Footprint describes your negative impact on the Earth, your Ecological Handprint represents your positive impact. With the ecological handprint one looks at which actions have been taken towards sustainability. If your Ecological Handprint is bigger than your Ecological Footprint, it means that you are contributing to a sustainable future, if not, you might need to change some of your actions.

Spread the Message

Sustainable futureAs the Thumbs Up Foundation's main goal is to spread awareness for the necessity of sustainable development, we are very curious about the ideas you might have on this. If you have any tips and ideas on how we can make our journey into an even greater success, feel free to contact us. For an active dialogue about Thumbs Up Africa, we refer you to our facebook and twitter accounts.

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